Specializing in the correct and conscientious care of your antiques and collectables. Always tasteful, elegant and of the highest quality.

Welcome to Broadmead Gallery & Framing

Have you ever taken an antique dress, an artifact, a treasured manuscript, or some other valuable memento to a framer, only to have it turned away with “we can’t do that here”.  Or worse, to have it accepted for framing and then ruined by improper handling? Since we started as professional framers in 1985, we have not lost or damaged a customer’s valued artwork, because we treat every piece as though it were our own, and we will never do anything that cannot be undone.

There is no such thing as an impossible framing job.

Our staff can provide unusual and ingenious solutions to the most difficult framing problems, with both the vision and the means to bring your concepts to life. We work with a wide selection of the finest quality rag mats and an unparalleled variety of moldings to choose from. We can also fashion that magnificent display case for your heirloom flintlock in such a way that Grandfather can easily remove it whenever he’s feeling nostalgic!

  • your grandmother’s doll
  • your great-grandfather’s christening dress
  • the jersey autographed by Wayne Gretzky
  • the medals your father earned in the war
  • your wedding invitation with the dried corsage
  • the portrait and collar of your beloved pet
  • the souvenirs from that special trip

Consider preserving them forever in a way in which you can always enjoy them. Left in drawers and boxes they are soon forgotten, but properly presented and hanging on the wall, they can be a joy forever, and a conversation piece when friends visit.

Bruce is retiring!

Hi Folks, a quick note to annouce that I’m retiring. Yep, come January or February, I’ll be hanging up my tools and going on, hopefully, a long, long vacation with my wife and partner. I’ve enjoyed almost thirty years of creating the best framing we could for some amazing artworks and images. We’ve been in three locations over the years; starting in Fairfield with Image Maker Frames in 1986. We then opened Broadmead Gallery & Framing as the first store in Broadmead Village. Three years later, we closed Fairfield to concentrate on one location. Eight years after that we moved to our present location in Royal Oak Shopping Centre.We have created unique displays of everything from rice cakes to wedding dresses, toast to hockey sticks; and it’s always been the most rewarding thing to see our customer’s eyes when we’ve managed to surprise and delight you with the results. My sister De has been with me in the business from the very beginning, and she says she’ll stay on for another couple of years. Her creativity and attention to detail has made us the foremost framers in the city for needleworks and creative crafts. I know I’ll miss seeing you wonderful folks coming into the shop, and I’ll miss the challenges of framing those ‘impossible’ pieces, like the dagger and sand, the football, the 18 foot long frame, to name a few. But there are new challenges out there that I want to try. So, if you get a chance, drop by and say hello. Better yet, bring in one more beautiful artwork, and challenge us to make the most beautiful framed piece we can before I hang it up for good. If you do that, and bring us one last piece of art, I’ll put UV filtering glass on absolutely FREE!

Cheers, Bruce